Handiquilter Amara that can accommodate a King size quilt
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Let me introduce myself

My passion for fabric, design and textiles started early. I first learned to sew from my mom when I was quite young, sewing clothes for my dolls. During high school, I graduated to a real sewing machine and began sewing my own clothes. On the side, I also dedicated time to learning to knit from my grandmother and embroidery by trial and error.

My passion for textiles and design truly honed while attending university, during which I worked part-time at a knitting store. I found my passion in helping clients pick out designs, selecting yarns, and solving challenges. After graduating from my studies in Urban Planning and Design, I consulted for a yarn retail chain on store location and design, which later led to a full-time marketing role with a competing craft store. Trying new products, sharing them with customers and coming up with new projects was exciting. I loved my career in the workplace.

As I began raising our family, I transitioned to working and crafting at home during which I continued to knit and sew clothes mostly for the children. I found my true passion when a quilt store opened in our neighbourhood and I took classes. The fabric, the designs, and the thread opened the door to seemingly endless possibilities — my only limit was the size of the projects I could work on with my domestic machine.

The kids are now grown and so has the size of my quilting machine! I purchased a Handiquilter Amara with Prostitcher Designer on a 12-foot frame. Now I can handle projects as big as a King-sized quilt! My stockpile of quilt tops has diminished but my project list has grown. I am inspired by fabric, design, and purpose.

I can quilt edge to edge assisted by a computer, or hand-guided custom work on my long arm machine, or even a combination of both. Do you have a quilt project languishing in your closet? Do you have a special quilt in mind to gift to yourself or a special someone? Let’s work together to complete those projects!

About Stitch and a Round

Karen Mahoney is a sewist offering any step along the quilting process starting with design to finishing with a binding.

Long arm quilter located in Ottawa and Upper Ottawa valley.

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